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We offer superb facilities what ever you need, whatever the weather. This means you can do serious riding as you want to.

The Centre is also less than a kilometer from the nearest entrance to Windsor Great Park, so serious hacking is easily available for Livery clients.

Reception centre and training room:

Completed to a very high standard these two rooms are designed to help clients have a great experience at the Centre. The reception centre is the hub of the yard, and the training room is the Centre of all staff and client training. Come to the reception room to book your next lesson on our computerised system, watch through large glass windows your child or friend have their lesson or just chill out. Heated in the winter so you are warm. If you want a tea or coffee, do come in, an honour bar system operates. Alternatively enjoy a cold drink or snack from the vending machines just outside.


The training room has internet, audio visual facilities etc,  ideal for the training programmes we run. See the courses page (off courses tab above) for information on training programmes that may appeal to you.


All part of our attempt to make your BRC equestrian experience great!!

Hours of Opening: The Centre is open from 7:30am to 7:30pm 363 days a year (we are closed on Christmas Day and on New Years Day.)  We ask that clients are off the yard outside of these hours and have to be strict on implementing them for your safety.

StablesStables: We have 40 large boxes. Most are 3.6 metres square and some are pony boxes.  All have automatic watering and a “haybar” for healthy hay feeding. All are separately lit with wiring to latest EU standards, have rubber matting and are bedded on shavings.

The annex to the barn is equipped with Victorian style stables from the Monarch range. As other stables they all have automatic watering, a Haybar and rubber matting. The annex also has a tack room, wet area and storage.


Riding surfaces:iding surfaces:  We have three in all, each with a surface tailored to your needs. Importantly they do not suffer from flooding nor freezing problems you may have experienced elsewhere. We use the UK's formost surface experts, Equestrian Surfaces, to advise and implement changes we make. Come and see for yourself.

Indoor SchoolI. I: is fully illuminated and 55 meters by 22 meters in size. It has the latest silica sand / premier stabilizer surface and is surrounded by mirrors on two sides so you can check your own performance. We have recently replaced the cladding on one side and all the clear roof panels with new translucent panels to increase light.

Outdoor SchoolII. Main Outdoor schooln Ou: Is 65 meters by 30 meters, with an all weather surface. It is floodlight. This is often set up for dressage or jumping.

Small OutdoorIII. Small Outdoor schooll Outdoor school: recently renovated 42 meters by 18 meters in size. It has the latest silica sand / premier stabilizer surface.



Car ParkCar parking: We have two. One at the front is for cars only. This is convenient for the stables and has easy access off Crouch Lane. If full, as an overflow, drive carefully and slowly through the yard to the back car park, closing gates as you go.  On show days only Livery or riding school clients can use the front car park to ensure ease of access.

The other car park is off Winkfield Lane and is one acre in size. This is designed for trailers, trucks etc, and is also used on show days for competitors vehicles.

Both have hard surfaces, covered with pea shingle.



We have seven paddocks extending to ca 11 acres, fully post and railed with metal gates to each. All have electric fencing to reduce damage and keep horses in their paddocks - beware it is always on. There is automatic watering in all fields. The paddocks are carefully rotated to ensure good grazing and are kept clean on a daily basis. They are also looked after by Shorts agricultural specialists.                              

We are able to give year round turn out either in the paddocks or in one of the three surfaces, above.

Turnout is geared to the horse in question with no more than 2 horses per paddock so each horse has its own consistent “playmate”. This helps prevents stress and the temptation to jump out.

Cross Country / Show Jumping:

Cross Country

We have a cross country schooling field with banks, ditches and solid fences. This is supplemented in good weather with a show jumping course. We have a full set of BSJA show jumps, which are set up regularly for schooling. Rosie is an approved BSJA course builder.

Tack and rug rooms: Both tack rooms are locked and alarmed (Secom) when not in use. The main rug room on the yard is also locked out of hours. All have heating if needed.

Security MontageSecurity: Whilst we have not had any problems we do take this seriously, so you do not have to worry. This includes Banham’s digital CCTV, dawn to dusk on yard lighting, staff on premises, Secom alarmed tack rooms and offices etc.

 - We have a  Haybarn in the corner of the field alongside the car park. This is designed to hold a years supply of hay to ensure a) we have the supply we need and b) have hay of a consistent quality. For safety reasons the barn is out of bounds and we would ask all visitors to ensure they and their party respect this. Hay will be moved to the old barn annex or yard for day to day needs. Bales must not be opened in the new barn.


General:  Facilities are always being reviewed and updated. We take health and safety seriously. Risk assessments for all parts of the school, as well as horses and riders are kept and maintained. We have a regular maintenance contract and repairs can be effected immediately.

In line with the Health Act 2007 we continue to be a no-smoking yard. A copy of our smoking policy is displayed on the notice board, or can be requested by email - see contact us page. Smokers however may smoke in either car park, but are asked to be careful and dispose of their butts/ ash in the special ashtrays that have now been installed.

Risk assessment: We take the management of risk associated with horses, horse care and managment seriously and have developed our own assessment of risks. Whether it be riding on the roads, leading horses to field or getting hay bales down, all have risks associated that need minimising. Staff should be fluent with this, and we encourage all clients, in particular livery clients to be aware. A hard copy of the Centre's risk assessment is available in the office but if you want your own copy you can download it here in pdf (Adobe) format:

PDF Icon2014 Risk Assessment

BHS:  We are proud to be an approved BHS yard for livery, also as a riding school and as a training centre (where to train). We aim to keep standards high.

The Berkshire Riding Centre Ltd, registered address: Beckfield, Crouch Lane, Winkfield, Windsor, Berkshire, SL4 4TN. Company number : 3193741. VAT number 881 2515 25
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