Children's Activities

Relaunched Pony Club Activities:

We run many children’s riding activities during all school holidays. We have replaced the activity we used to hold with three new activity types:

Maxi Pony Club:  for the older more experienced child who can walk, trot and canter.

Midi Pony Club:  for all who can walk and trot off the lunge.

Mini Pony Club: for the younger, child able to walk off the lead rein.

All the programmes we offer are detailed below. To book or to discuss call the office on 01344-884992 or email us at

Our Pony Club activities are designed to be enjoyed using one of our ponies.  If you are not yet in the Pony Club, don’t worry you can join at the Centre, or just participate at a slightly higher fee, (please note you must be a regular rider at BRC to join). Note to get the discount you must be a current Pony Club member! We are obliged to check!

We sell BRC Pony Club sweatshirts which are £20 each and ideal for stitching your badges on!

Next Pony Club dates are listed below:

Please click here for the Centre’s policy on safeguarding children and child protection.

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