Ride Safe - replacment for Riding & Road Safety



We run a four session (8 hours in total) course in preparation for this new BHS examination, and also offer one hour bespoke training (i.e. whatever you want) on weekday mornings and Saturday afternoons..

The aim of this course is to educate riders in road safety, in order to minimize the risk involved when riding on the roads. This course is open to all –  leisure riders as well as professionals. 

We have an excellent track record, on Riding & Road Safety and expect this to continue as this exam morphs into Ride Safe.  In 2011 we had a 100% pass rate, since then we have had a pass rate in excess if 94% each year. The key reason for those that failed was that they didn’t take the (any) training programme so came to the exam unprepared. Training is the key to success, we highly recommend you take the full training course with us.

In 2017 courses and exams will be run on the following dates. From July Riding & Road Safety has been replaced with the Ride Safe exam. The BHS fee has increased to £95.