Our people are what makes us different.

Everyone at the Berkshire Riding Centre is a trained and experienced professional / Coach.

Our status as a BHS Where to Train Centre means all our staff are continually updating their knowledge and skills to ensure they are completely up-to-date and that our clients have the best possible experience with us.

Everyone at the Centre has taken the BHS Child Protection Course, passed their BHS Riding & Road Safety exam and have first aid training in one form or another.

The BHS have just revamped the qualifications and renamed them. All the staff below have both their qualifications detailed using the old and new styles. To explain it better see table below:

Old Qualification           New qualification                                                                      New Acronym
Stage 1                            Stage 1 Complete Horsemanship                                              St. 1 CH
Stage 2                            Stage 2 Complete Horsemanship                                              St. 2 CH
BHSAI                              Stage 3 Coach in Complete Horsemanship                             St. 3 CCH
BHSII                               Stage 4 Senior Coach in Complete Horsemanship                 St. 4 SCCH
BHSI                                Stage 5 Performance Coach in Complete Horsemanship     St. 5 PCCH

Maz Ray, BHSII / St. 4 SCCH

Yard Manager

Maz specialises in Dressage and Show Jumping lessons, she has a vast working knowledge from her experience working at various top yards both abroad and here in the UK.

She is great at breaking down information to help people learn and understand how the horse is working underneath them.

Maz is the Yard Manager at BRC. In this she supports Rosie in managing and leading both the ever complex issues facing the yard as it continues to grow, determining the future direction and growth of the yard. She is in charge of the management of the horse care work on the yard.

Judith Stones BHSII / St. 4 SCCH

Senior Instructor/ Coach

Welcome back to Judith! Judith, who was Head Girl at the Centre until 2011, left to start a family and move to the North. She now has two children and returned to the South. Good news for us as she has returned to the Centre on a part-time basis.

Judith works Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays. Judith will help the instructor team, the horse care group and lead the yard on a Sunday when Rosie and Maz are off.

Judith is a very popular instructor/ coach from adults to children and for complete beginners to advance. She runs a variety of groups on the days she works, including stable management.

Kristy Mills, BHSAI, Int. S.M., Int. T. / St.3 CCH + St. 4 SG & ST

Instructor / Coach

Kristy has been at the Centre since September 2006. After having her son and opening her own livery yard, Kristy has now transferred to working part-time on Thursdays and Sunday's.

Kristy is an extremely popular instructor/ coach, a great teacher and coach with eyes in the back of her head. She uses positive thinking and an eye for detail to help you achieve your ambitions.

Kristy runs a variety of flat and jump groups on both of the days she works. You've got to be quick to book her, as she is very popular with both children and adults.

Helen James-Carter, BHSAI / St. 3 CCH

Instructor / Coach

Helen has been riding since she was 6 years old and was a keen member of the Pony Club back in her heyday.

She is a mature lady with many years of teaching experience and is a fantastic confidence giver. She is a wonderful teacher who knows how to get the best from each horse and rider. A favourite with children and adults alike, Helen works with you to make sure you see your progress. With oodles of patience and good humour, she coaxes the most nervous of riders to achieve their goals.

Phoebe Coles, BHSAI / St. 3 CCH

Groom and Instructor/ Coach

Phoebe joined the yard as an apprentice, she has now moved on to be one of our grooms and instructors. She is continually learning and updating her knowledge under the guidance of Rosie.

Phoebe has passed her NVQ 3, PTT and BHS Stage 3, which means she is now a BHSAI. Well done Phoebe.

Phoebe's main area of responsibility on the yard are the livery horses and brightens everyone’s day with her bubbly personality and can do attitude. She is a very popular instructor/coach and a fantastic up and coming rider.

February 2018 - April 2018 Phoebe will be taking a sabbatical to Spain, improving her dressage riding. We will be welcoming her back to the team at the beginning of May 2018.

Rowena Smith, BHS PTT / St. 2 CH

Horse Care and Junior Instructor/ Coach

Rowena is BRC’s longest standing member of staff. She has been here before we were a riding school. She has achieved all of her teaching qualifications whilst under the guidance of Rosie.

A patient and encouraging coach with an understanding of how to get the best from young children, Rowena is perfect for those just starting out, as well as those with more experience.

Rowena is now back following a six month sabbatical when she went around the world in a tall ship. Welcome back Rowena.

Alex Parry

Junior Groom

Alex started at Berkshire Riding Centre as an apprentice and successfully completed her NVQ 2 and Stage 2. Completing her Stage 2 in only 2 months of working at the centre! We are delighted to take Alex on as one of our Junior Grooms. She is now training towards her Stage 3 and PTT. Alex is hard working, and always around to give a helping hand to clients!

Lily Taylor, St 3 Ride & Groom

Apprentice Groom, NVQ 2, Stage 3

Lily recently joined us initially on two days a week - but is now full time at the Centre and working for her equine apprenticeship, in which she is making excellent progress. Within this time Lily has completed her NVQ 2 and she has just completed all elements of her Stage 3 which is outstanding particularly given her age; she is now aiming to complete her NVQ 3 and will then start on her Stage 2 Teach; which will maker her a BHSAI! Lily is always cheerful and helpful - making an excellent member of the team.

Mary Crerar

Apprentice Groom

Mary joins us as an apprentice groom, and is following in the successful footsteps of many others who have taken this path with us. She is currently completing her NVQ 2 and plans to her Stage 2 before summer 2018!

Izzy Sheckler, St 2 Flat & Groom

Junior Groom/Part time Receptionist

Izzy joined the yard as an Apprentice Groom, she has now passed her NVQ 2, BHS Riding and Road Safety and Stage 2 Stable Management. She remains at the yard as a Junior Groom and we are delighted to have her here. Izzy is now working towards Stage 2 Jump and Stage 3 Care.

As well as being one of our Junior Grooms, Izzy runs the office, as a receptionist, on Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays.

Kerry Mills

Part-Time Receptionist

Kerry runs the office on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. She comes from a background of client service and bookings in the hospitality industry. She has now established herself in the role and is getting to know everyone - horses and people.

Rebecca Cook

Part-Time Groom

Rebecca started as a Berkshire Riding Centre client, after finishing her course at Berkshire College of Agriculture she has now come to work for us part-time. You will find Rebecca working hard in the tack room or helping out with pony club.

Rosie Lord BHSI / St. 5 PCCH
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